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Our mission is to develop the desire of learning for a lifetime by emerging diversified potentials through each child, by offering innovative programs, and dedicated teachers.

Our vision is to create a well-known school which caters to inner city youth and produces major gains when it comes to student achievement.
Our vision is to also help make the neighborhood where the school is located to be a more pleasant place to live and work.

Our vision is to create one of the state’s most effective schools, which helps students that have not been able to succeed in a traditional school setting, prepare for, and also be prepared for post- secondary education.

The vision is to create an effective program K-12 school that not only produces a high level of student success, but also helps train the next cohort of educators.
Our vision is to not only be regarded for our academic excellence, but to serve and contribute within the community in which it operates.

 To provide mental, physical, social, as well as emotional guidance that will lay the foundation for a worthy and useful life.
 To provide all of our students with a cautiously planned academic program within a reassuring environment where respect for the individual, community, and ethics are promoted.
 To recognize that each child is an individual and tackle teaching strategies to ensure all children will experience success at their level of learning.
 To motivate children to become lifetime learners and prepare them with the necessary skills to adapt to an ever-changing world.
 To encourage teamwork and collaboration between the parents and teachers because we believe that this plays a spirited role in helping children meet their full potential.
 To highlight the importance of good manners and values, concern for the rights of others, as well as the incorporation of proper conduct.
 To provide a school setting with talented, qualified, engaging, competent, and compassionate teachers who identify each child’s individuality and stage of development.

We believe strongly in primary education because it lays the foundation for academic success in years to come. Here at Scholar’s Prep Academy, we believe in educating the complete child. Our chosen curriculum promotes the love of God, and the love of knowledge while also providing a broad range of activities to help encourage our students and maximize their potential. Students will flourish and develop a sense of confidence in a secure and inspiring environment as they develop creatively, physically, and socially.

Scholar’s Prep Academy selects our teachers for their ability to relate to the students in a heartfelt, supportive manner. Our classrooms will provide a heightened learning environment and small group setting which will give our instructors the ability to observe, acknowledge, and also guide the children's level of academic progress. Children are encouraged to move at their own pace as they move from one level to the other. Our qualified teachers will work with our children to form a relationship and also encourage them to achieve a high level of academic success.

Our robust commitment to a classic education challenges each child to new levels of discovery and inspires each one to develop the necessary skills for a lifetime of learning.

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